It would seem so. Stats stopped working January 11th and no response to support requests, it looks like they simply left the basic site up to get clicks on their Ads without really providing any service at all.


We are recommending our clients remove the Sitemeter Code from their websites because the last time Sitemeter’s servers went down they caused Site Load Errors on our client sites which we think was caused by the site codes not being able to talk to Sitemeter’s servers. When Sitemeter servers finally go down this time you don’t want to be doing the mad rush to remove their code. Errors like this can affect your Search Engine Ranking, especially Google Rankings.


So what to do now? For our WordPress Clients we are now recommending a plugin called WP SlimStat. It has some Bugs, mainly with some people not being able to see Graphs but we expect they’ll get that worked out shortly, we’d also like to see “per visitor time spent on website” stats. The Rest of the plugin seems to work well though and has attentive developers that are on the ball.


In the end, we don’t know what will become of Sitemeter but over the last year they’ve had some nasty down times and Error issues and we just can’t wait around for a company to get their act together who can’t even respond to Support tickets.

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